I love you so MATCHA. Oh so MOCHI!

Aside from the mountains I am a sucker of green tea and mochi, anything Japanese. I have been open to the Japanese culture since I was young. My Mama has a Japanese friend and he liked it when I eat sushi so much and those were the days when I practiced my chopstick skills so I'm a bit of a pro. I learned about mochi when I was blogging and reading tons of blogs, it introduced me to "mochi ice cream" so the difference was it was a bit hard and has a filling, I even went to Makati to have one for myself, those were the times when I get curious with food I search for it.

Today, I am sharing you guys my mochi and green tea addiction. Long time ago when my sister started to visit Japan often times I get to have lots of Mochi. And of course green tea. Green tea specifically "matcha" makes me go insane. I loved it so much, and I also wondered why it cost 150php for a box of KitKat, you know the days when the green tea KitKats are not yet a stereotype. I always go around Makati and buy some green tea cookies, good thing, my sister will buy me some when she's there. 

I eat and drink anything green tea, they are the coolest and I go kilig whenever someone give me some since I know they know me so much and loves me. You know and I will know if you  love me if you buy me anything green tea, I will feel so loved. 

My sister handed me three boxes, imagine how much happiness I got? Though these are the only things she gave me I was still a happy kid. 
This has a lychee feeling, my mom didnt like it. So they let me eat everything.

I screamed of disgust because they actually ate my favourite </3

And the red beans, Once Starbucks launched this and I like it so much, So addicting and the redbeans really suits the green tea. how yummy it can get with yourself chewing it. What I like about the Japanese Mochi are they are so soft, unlike of those who are being sold locally, they are a bit hard.

These are how they actually look like, they are so soft, squishy and clear. You will love this I promise. Unless you hate tea and palitaw. 

Ara Gwin x


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