Friday, October 7, 2016

Recipe: KIMCHI CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP (from scratch)

The vexation of being sick is a horror. Imagine me eating everything tasteless and puke everything right after. The aftermath of my lifeless body and weak lungs makes me want to eat. Eat something sumptuous but our fridge failed me. Not because we have nothing to put on the table but nothing appetites me. That bad, telling you all that I am wanting to eat every single thing  just to fulfill my stomach with satisfaction. As you can see, no greens no egg just plain kimchi, onions and soup. Hence are the only edibles that made me wanted to eat. So let's get started:


4 cups of water
1 onion
1 tsp chili pepper flakes
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tsp pepper
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 pack of LUCKY ME chicken noodles (yes, you read it right)

Put 4 cups of water, including onion and chopped kimchi on a pot, bring to boil.
Add chicken seasoning (from the chicken noodle pack), add pepper, chili pepper flakes, sesame oil sugar, and salt to taste. Bring to another boil and add the noodles until cooked.

Enjoy your meal! If you made one for yourself, kindly tell me how it ended up and tag me or include #AraGwinsKitchen. That will mean a lot to me. It tastes like a Korean RamYun trust me!!!

PS If you have eggs and spring onion don't hesitate to add these as they will make it taste better. If you like to taste it even best? Add mint leaves.

Ara Gwin

Sunday, September 25, 2016


I wander like I don't care at all. I hated people more than they hated me. I get to think of it that they will never like me the way my Father did. I have been embarrassed by people who did/will not know every bit of me. I have had friends whom I thought were my friends but in reality they did not care. They were just poisoned by the power of social media but a deep kind of friendship was gone. Today, I don't want to talk to anyone anymore deeply. Today, the trust I have given has gone. Did I really trust too much? Did I really feel like I was and is a friend when I am really not. A petty little me in front of them. No, I am not trusting anyone anymore. I want to forgive those people who judged me. Not now, I suppose. Someday, perhaps? I would cry in the middle of nowhere. I would love myself without their approvals. Because in me I have found the best comfort and this is to talk to someone who knows me best. Would you guess? AG

Sunday, August 21, 2016


 I don't know if it's a question or a statement. Amidst the busy-ness of my mind thinking about  life, when I was about to give up with my career, I thought of an escape. I planned and left the office to know my plans about life. 13 hours of a long journey,
Sagada happened to me. 

No one can definitely define it's beauty, it was marvelous, massive and a whole lot of fantasy in a real world. My dream place where nice people lives, people whose jobs are of someone's life and of course good food. I would love to live here, forever. There are lot of reason's why I would but go and see it yourself you will understand what I mean. 

The place is so serene, the epitome of that movie "where do broken hearts go?". The place is so good for your mending heart to feel and appreciate life and there's more to offer. You will see the sky so blue, that will fade you life's blues and desperation. The surrounding's so green that you would realize that life has so much beauty only if it has been taken care of. Everyday of my stay was massive. I hoped, and still hopes that it would stay this way.

People live on their extraordinary home, no fans at all. The place was so cozy that you would love to have someone to cuddle with, too bad I only had a friend w me whose heart was bent. All we did was talk about life and it's possibilities to move on. We have realized every beauty we saw, because life was fantastic. Just learn how to stop.

There are also people who would have their life at stake just for us to see its very own beauty only at a low cost. Thanks Kuya Clark! Left me thinking how I hated work when all I do is to talk and sit. So to see them putting their lives at risk just for us left me speechless. I did appreciate my work more. I really did. So, I started to love work. In every little thing I do, I am still trying to think all for the glory of the Lord. But, I know, I am not perfect so I fail at times.

It changed me a lot, my whole life perspective, my journey with life and made me travel even more, I had and will always have the hunger to see the nature, it's beauty. Like the these grass, made me happy because all along I thought they were lavenders only that they don't smell nice.

Give life a little bit of curiosity and laughter, it will make you appreciate inspire more.

Ara Gwin <3