Sunday, January 22, 2017

I love you so MATCHA. Oh so MOCHI!

Aside from the mountains I am a sucker of green tea and mochi, anything Japanese. I have been open to the Japanese culture since I was young. My Mama has a Japanese friend and he liked it when I eat sushi so much and those were the days when I practiced my chopstick skills so I'm a bit of a pro. I learned about mochi when I was blogging and reading tons of blogs, it introduced me to "mochi ice cream" so the difference was it was a bit hard and has a filling, I even went to Makati to have one for myself, those were the times when I get curious with food I search for it.

Today, I am sharing you guys my mochi and green tea addiction. Long time ago when my sister started to visit Japan often times I get to have lots of Mochi. And of course green tea. Green tea specifically "matcha" makes me go insane. I loved it so much, and I also wondered why it cost 150php for a box of KitKat, you know the days when the green tea KitKats are not yet a stereotype. I always go around Makati and buy some green tea cookies, good thing, my sister will buy me some when she's there. 

I eat and drink anything green tea, they are the coolest and I go kilig whenever someone give me some since I know they know me so much and loves me. You know and I will know if you  love me if you buy me anything green tea, I will feel so loved. 

My sister handed me three boxes, imagine how much happiness I got? Though these are the only things she gave me I was still a happy kid. 
This has a lychee feeling, my mom didnt like it. So they let me eat everything.

I screamed of disgust because they actually ate my favourite </3

And the red beans, Once Starbucks launched this and I like it so much, So addicting and the redbeans really suits the green tea. how yummy it can get with yourself chewing it. What I like about the Japanese Mochi are they are so soft, unlike of those who are being sold locally, they are a bit hard.

These are how they actually look like, they are so soft, squishy and clear. You will love this I promise. Unless you hate tea and palitaw. 

Ara Gwin x

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Mt Cayabu and Mt Maynoba (A Photo Diary)

How can you not resist this beautiful view? When in fact, the pictures doesn't need any caption nor any explanations of its own beauty. How great is our God?

Though the sunrise were not that visible in this part of the world we witnessed sea of clouds, and they did wonders. They made my heart jump of joy. I only took several photos of the views because dude, I needed to inhale the beauty and the photos Im showing you are just one of the photos I took at the peaks. Started to appreciate what was on the trail and what not. I am happy that I have realized that it'snot about the sea of clouds nor the clearing of the clouds but the journey. Man, I am in love.

So these photos were actually the photos that made me happy. Thanks to my dear friend Sao. Well, he would not know about that but yes, these photos made me happy. He would not read this blog though as this is personal but if ever that you get a chance to drop by I am thankful that you took these photos though you were so moody at that time.

I hope people would start loving Mother Earth just like I do. I never thought that this is one of those mountains I've hiked. When I always cursed the struggles I had during my first. NO, I am not gonna stop anytime soon. NEVER. STOP. CLIMBING.

Girlie, was one of those friends who waited for me and who I value so much, we started being friends because of my adventures. Initially, it was her Kuya that I was working with but we were closer since her Kuya does not enjoy hiking and is afraid of the heights. But we never stopped believing that he will be trying one of the mountains. Surely, he will love.


Hello, from the peak!

We love to eat San Marino as it is packed with rice and tuna, Dear San Marino can you produce another w a different flavor? Imagine us eating this every week. Umay diba? HAHAHA

Since, I started hiking, I never stopped hailing the beauty of the world. I hope that I can still hike, I hope that I can meet more people who are in thirst of adventure, and people who are willing to hold my hand every time I am in pain or in difficulty of breathing. I hope that I can remove my asthma map in my body so I can hike better and faster. Praying for more adventures with life and with you my Lord.

Bonus ang falls.

And this beautiful fella. 

x, Ara Gwin

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Recipe: Chinese Style Eggplant and Kangkong

That was December, I remember when my Ate (elder sister)  was asked to visit her Chinese friend and have a dinner. I went with her, and what I got were all SPICY FOOD. However, it is that kind of spicy that you will always look for. As a person who loves oriental dishes, these are the things I do really prefer eating. Hand me down those steaks and stuff but I would still go Oriental than Western. I don't know, but for me, the magic of their dish is just love or maybe I haven't tried the best steak or fish and chips in town. Do not judge me.

All I have in the fridge were eggplants and freshly cut kang-kong from the farm. Believe me this is so amazing. It took me 2 years to realize the ingredients I have tasted or maybe I already did realize but damn, took me 2 years to do it until I was hungry. So let's start...


3 tbsp cooking oil
1 - 2 minced garlic
1 minced onion 
2 Eggplants (cut in to a parallel)
1 bunch of Kang - kong
1/4 cup water
2 tbsp chili oil (I prefer the ones with sesame oil if none add the next ingredient below)
1 tbsp sesame oil

3 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp patis (fish sauce)
1 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp sugar 

First marinade the egg plant for 15 minutes that's enough for it to be flavorful. Do not throw your mixture we will use that for later.

In a hot pan or wok, add the oil, add onion until cooked, add your garlic too. Carefully fry the eggplants until cooked. Now is the best time to add the marinade mixture and water, simmer until cooked. Do not be afraid if the eggplant will be too soft, that's the texture we are looking for. Why? Because I have not seen any crispy eggplant. And by experience the softer it is the more flavor it can get. The eggplant will absorb everything and the sauce will definitely thicken. If you are already happy with the result add your kang kong make sure you washed it and add your chili oil with sesame (or chili oil and sesame oil). Add according to the hotness you are looking for. Then, serve.

PS, I make my own chili garlic oil so feel free to use with the brand in it, 

I promise that this will taste Chinese-y. Give it a try and post it, don't forget to use the #AraGwinsKitchen hashtag.

Ara Gwin