I wander like I don't care at all. I hated people more than they hated me. I get to think of it that they will never like me the way my Father did. I have been embarrassed by people who did/will not know every bit of me. I have had friends whom I thought were my friends but in reality they did not care. They were just poisoned by the power of social media but a deep kind of friendship was gone. Today, I don't want to talk to anyone anymore deeply. Today, the trust I have given has gone. Did I really trust too much? Did I really feel like I was and is a friend when I am really not. A petty little me in front of them. No, I am not trusting anyone anymore. I want to forgive those people who judged me. Not now, I suppose. Someday, perhaps? I would cry in the middle of nowhere. I would love myself without their approvals. Because in me I have found the best comfort and this is to talk to someone who knows me best. Would you guess? AG


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