Mt Cayabu and Mt Maynoba (A Photo Diary)

How can you not resist this beautiful view? When in fact, the pictures doesn't need any caption nor any explanations of its own beauty. How great is our God?

Though the sunrise were not that visible in this part of the world we witnessed sea of clouds, and they did wonders. They made my heart jump of joy. I only took several photos of the views because dude, I needed to inhale the beauty and the photos Im showing you are just one of the photos I took at the peaks. Started to appreciate what was on the trail and what not. I am happy that I have realized that it'snot about the sea of clouds nor the clearing of the clouds but the journey. Man, I am in love.

So these photos were actually the photos that made me happy. Thanks to my dear friend Sao. Well, he would not know about that but yes, these photos made me happy. He would not read this blog though as this is personal but if ever that you get a chance to drop by I am thankful that you took these photos though you were so moody at that time.

I hope people would start loving Mother Earth just like I do. I never thought that this is one of those mountains I've hiked. When I always cursed the struggles I had during my first. NO, I am not gonna stop anytime soon. NEVER. STOP. CLIMBING.

Girlie, was one of those friends who waited for me and who I value so much, we started being friends because of my adventures. Initially, it was her Kuya that I was working with but we were closer since her Kuya does not enjoy hiking and is afraid of the heights. But we never stopped believing that he will be trying one of the mountains. Surely, he will love.


Hello, from the peak!

We love to eat San Marino as it is packed with rice and tuna, Dear San Marino can you produce another w a different flavor? Imagine us eating this every week. Umay diba? HAHAHA

Since, I started hiking, I never stopped hailing the beauty of the world. I hope that I can still hike, I hope that I can meet more people who are in thirst of adventure, and people who are willing to hold my hand every time I am in pain or in difficulty of breathing. I hope that I can remove my asthma map in my body so I can hike better and faster. Praying for more adventures with life and with you my Lord.

Bonus ang falls.

And this beautiful fella. 

x, Ara Gwin


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