Top: From Paris, Cap: From New York, Pants: JAGTHUG
This post of smokes wont make you any cooler. Yes, I tried to smoke. A stick for curiosity and two for pictures. I must say I dont like any single puff of it. The smoke. The taste. Its totally insane for me.

Im so sorry guys for the typhoon this morning. Its my fault I know. I sung since 11PM yesteres up to 3Am. And I do apologize for the delays.

This outfit has a touch of sexiness. I love it so much. <3 The off shoulder says it all.

This photo was taken right after I cried. And this is so much.

Isn't the shot perfect? I just love it.

Yes, Im wearing slippers cus Im so cold.

WARNING!!! Next are photo bombs!!!

Ugggh!!! Puff!

Shhh!!! Kids dont smoke, please!

This wont make you any cooler, I swear!

Peace Yo!!! Happy Anniversary to my BLOG!!! This is the 1st year!!! Please greet me :) <3


Thank you!!! <3 I cant say anything, But guys take care. The weather is so dangerous! Stay warm. Safe and sound. I love you  <3

Aya XX


  1. omg Ayah I'm so glad that you never liked it! Hahaha I hate cigarettes! Btw I super love your getup that day! You looked so fly! =)

    1. Yes, It stinks!!! Thank you and I love it too!!! Super simple yet swag!


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