The Strange

Thinking deeply. Thoughts are scattered in my mind. I cannot even handle. Feelings cant contain the feels I am possessing now. Would love to forget the world and wear a smile.

So, I put on my clothes and the smile on my face. If anyone asked me everything's okay.

Laughing cus no one knows that it's a joke is in me. Cus Im dying inside with the smile on my face.

With the feeling's so strange. It did not cross my mind that I dressed up like Emily, hence the title. She always wear black, tights and rubber shoes. Same as mine. I just wanted to feel comfortable in all ways. I feel sick. Chilling. Dying.
Walking around and someone told me that I dress like a NEW YORKER. See!!! <3

You can definitely try to wear this kind of pieces together. Its so comfortable.

Life's too short to live alone.

Dress: Uniqlo, Tights from Japan, Shoes: Converse

What can you say?

Aya xx


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