Twisted Candy!!!

Eating candy has never been this fun! I swear. I may be like a kid now but yes, I swear. I wont mind being a kid again. One time I was walking at Robinsons Galleria w a friend then this store caught my attention. Why? There are lot of sweets. You know me, whenever I get to see candies and sweets Im feeling like a 5-year old kid again. Especially, the last time I watched Willy Wonka's factory. Oh the feels when you really want to enter a factory like that. But no worries, we already have that here in Manila (cries). Not as big as that but here you'll be able to see on how they make candies and lollipops!!!

When I first saw this store my colleague wont let me watch. But when I passed again the 2nd time I made sure that Ill be able to see how thet put letters and a smile on a piece of candy. I didnt know that making candy is such a hard work. And Kudos for this! If I were just a kid again. I would love to have these sweets on my party and have my name printed inside. Imagine the fun it will give you everytime you eat a candy with your name. Isnt that cool?

These are actually hard and yummy candies. Every line is patience. I was really amazed and I was really happy. The store assistants there are really nice. They gave me candies!!! I mean I got to taste all the flavors and the ones that are just made. I got to try it while its still hot. OMG! I swear that if Ill have a kid. She/He'll have this on her birthday. Everyone will be really happy!

Look at these Pandas!!! They made it for hours!!! But this is yummy. The price is quite pricey but its all good for these candies. You wouldnt mind anyway once you taste it.

These are the candy that I was able to taste. Heehee. Spell hoarding? Its heaven!!! I love the smell. They seem so legit!!! 

These are my purchases since I love lollipops!!! these are cheap they just cost for like 35php each. And I swear to death you'll love it. I bought 1 for me, 1 for my niece and sissy.
The first pic is the Cherry flavor, I really love cherries and they are real! I mean they are really tasty and you'll taste real cherries. Strawberry (in the middle) They are so yummy too!!! You will love this especially kids. The last one is the raspberry flavor and there's a princess in the middle. She's so cute. If you'll have this at your kids party they'll be the happiest.

You can actually contact them whenever you want to have these sweets as your giveaway. Number posted above. 

Thank you for reading! Have a sweet night!

You guys should try it!!! And feel like a kid again.



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