Dress up the 90's way

First and foremost,
I would like to say hello and sorry for the long hiatus. I have approved some comments already that are here on the blog waiting for quite a long time now. Ive been so busy, because of work and someone stole my laptop and my lost my memory card. So there.
I would like to say thank you, to all those who supported me. 
Here's what I wore to our Christmas party. I seriously don't know what to wear and I tried the lookbook outfit. And I hope you liked it. Im getting fatter now :) This outfit is 2nd huhuhu. Because, Nicki Minaj has beaten me because of her hair. Sayang, I thought Santa has given me my dream already.

I would like also to take this opportunity to say Feliz Navidad to everyone!!!
Sending y'all hugs and kisses, xx.



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