I am sharing you guys Hole in the Wall experience. It was actually a long drive from Amorsolo, Makati or which you mostly know as MakatiMed. Been seeing lots of posts and this one is a must try, this hole in the wall is for the rich. However, if you are on a tight budget I don't recommend it really. This place is a cool beans for the foodie like me. Again, not all food or stall will make your interest burst. It's different...

There are lot of food stall that you can choose. I should have wished I was that hungry that time so I could taste Scout Honor's cookies too. Sadly, I'm always half full. So I gave a try 

LIBERATION SHAWARMA, Beef rice, 260 + 6% service charge.

This is a bit spicy, and if you are not a fan of spicy food then it's not for a go.
I am a fan of shawarma so this was my choice. Unfortunately, this bowl is not a bowl of goodness. The sauces are fine to go to if you cant stand the hotness. 
The beef is not good as it was not cooked right (I believe), it was so dry and I'm sorry I will never be your fan. This is by far the first shawarma I didn't like.

Rating : 1/5

BAD CHICKEN, Dirty Rice Plate, 320 + 3% service charge

It seems alike with Senor Pollo, however in this plate it's like your tasting Japan in the plate. I liked how he chicken are so huge but tasty and the rice tasted like miso soup in a rice, I don't kid promise, this is he best chicken so far. I loved it. And I will definitely come back for these bad chicks,

Rating 5/5 

Be careful since the price are subject for service charges depending on the store.

This is not sponsored. I have the right to give my own review and opinion.

Ara Gvvin


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